Here at the Practice we understand addiction to be one or all of the following:

  • A coping mechanisms to deal with overwhelming/painful feelings.
  • Dependency on a substance (alcohol, drugs, caffeine, prescribed/unprescribed medications, cigarettes, sex, gambling, food and much more)
  • Co-dependency (supporting someone with an addiction issue)

Although we will not be able to support you in reducing the substance addiction, as we are not an addiction treatment centre, our work will give you an opportunity to increase your understanding around these difficulties and/or refer you to specific de-tox support – where you could receive physiological support alongside treatment programmes.

 Please speak to your GP if you are specifically looking to withdraw from substances.


It is within the herd that I have finally found my voice.....long forgotten but not lost.
Thank you, Cleo and Sultana for allowing me to be part of the herd.

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Thanks to my therapist I am now more assertive and clearer of my needs and therefore more able to live a life that I want rather than what people want.

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Although at the beginning I was very scared of horses, today I realised that the biggest fear was that I could be as powerful as the horses.

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