Introduction to Dramatherapy

This course will be online via Zoom

Dramatherapy is a form of therapy that uses the dramatic elements as a medium via which a client, or a group of clients, can increase self-awareness or make changes in their own life(s).

Basically, the opposite of talking therapy, in Dramatherapy the client fulfils a very active role of “doing”.

The dramatic elements that are contained could be countless: role play, enhancement, storytelling and many more.

Sometimes talking therapies can reach a “stagnant” point with clients. For centuries arts have been used in order to access a deeper level in the human psyche. Within the safety of using metaphors, clients can easily access a much deeper psychotherapeutic level than talking therapy.

This one day workshop is open to trainee and qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists    (5 CPD hours certificate will be issued to participants that will attend the whole day)

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Some theory behind Dramatherapy (conceptual sources, elements, techniques, stages and some of the models);
  • Metaphors: the use of and the importance of metaphors in Dramatherapy;
  • Basic assessment framework;
  • Some examples of the use of Dramatherapy in specific settings.

The aim of the workshop is to allow participants to understand how expressive Drama in therapy can support and enhance therapeutic work with clients.

Requirements: The course is for trainee or qualified Counsellors/Psychotherapists who wish to enhance her/his non-verbal communication skills and/or develop their ability to use the arts in therapy.

This course does not qualify participants to define themselves as Drama Therapist (title protected by HCPC)

Date: Saturday 1st May 2021

Times: 10:00 – 16:00


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It is within the herd that I have finally found my voice.....long forgotten but not lost.
Thank you, Cleo and Sultana for allowing me to be part of the herd.

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Thanks to my therapist I am now more assertive and clearer of my needs and therefore more able to live a life that I want rather than what people want.

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Although at the beginning I was very scared of horses, today I realised that the biggest fear was that I could be as powerful as the horses.

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