About the Therapists

Maya Gagni

I am a Person-Centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner, Supervisor, Drama therapist, Trainer and Equine Assisted Therapist with an extensive experience in working with clients, teaching and group facilitation.

I have a wide experience in working with a variety of issues including: abuse, domestic violence, addiction(s), depression, PTSD, self-harm, trauma, child related issues, cultural issues, eating disorders, general counselling, identity issues, sexual identity and spirituality.

In my work I can bring creativity such as: visual arts, masks, puppets, music and movement. I speak Italian fluently.

Besides working for the Practice I also facilitate Personal Development Workshops, Dramatherapy groups, Equine Assisted Therapy groups, CPD Workshops for therapists and counsellors .

For ten years I have managed a counselling service for women affected by domestic violence and now work for IAPT services and in private practice. 

My teaching has been based in a variety of settings including Adult Education colleges, private colleges, charities, organisations, staff teams and private practice. I have facilitated a number of groups for women who have experienced trauma and abuse in their lives.

I am a BACP Accredited therapist and HCPC Dramatherapist also accredited with the The National Counselling Society.

Shirani Situnayake

I am a Person-Centered Counsellor, Supervisor, Equine Assisted Therapist, Trainer and Group Facilitator with extensive experience of client work, facilitating groups and teaching trainees and qualified therapists.

I have a deep understanding and experience of working with a variety of issues, particularly those effecting women: child sexual abuse, domestic violence, self-harm, addictions, eating issues, sexual identity and cultural identity as well as general counselling.

Besides working for the Practice I facilitate Drumming workshops, CPD training for counsellors/psychotherapists and one-to-one/group Equine Facilitated Therapy with our 2 horses Sultana and Spirit.

As a trainer I have facilitated groups in a variety of settings including: Adult Education Colleges, charities, private colleges and private practices. These groups covered a wide range of subjects such as: Counselling, Supervision, Professional Development for counsellors and psychotherapists, drumming and Equine Assisted Therapy groups.

In my group facilitation work I bring an in-depth understanding of working across differences, empathy and congruency. I am a mixed heritage Sri Lankan and have lived in England since I was 7 years old.

I have trained in Horse Whispering with Leanne Milward of Flying with Horses, as well as being an experienced and qualified Counsellor.

My work is also informed by my own life journey and it’s fractures and I feel I bring a considerable amount of empathy and understanding to my therapeutic work.

I am passionately connected to the natural world and the wildness within ourselves, that may be called forth by this relationship. 

I am an Accredited member of the National Counselling Society.

I speak basic Sinhala.


It is within the herd that I have finally found my voice.....long forgotten but not lost.
Thank you, Cleo and Sultana for allowing me to be part of the herd.

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Thanks to my therapist I am now more assertive and clearer of my needs and therefore more able to live a life that I want rather than what people want.

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Although at the beginning I was very scared of horses, today I realised that the biggest fear was that I could be as powerful as the horses.

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